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Next generation
of industrial safety

AI powered safety system with ability to recognize dangerous situations around industrial machines and trigger an action.

Packed with cutting-edge features

Our highly innovative solution is using advanced models of artificial intelligence with machine learning capabilities and the latest hardware for industrial use. It includes, but is not limited to the following scenarios:

Robotic Safety

Safety functions control while human proximity detected

High Voltage Testing

HV workplace protection against unauthorized access during the test

Emergency Stop

Machinery emergency stop to prevent
injuries or fatalities

Face Authorization

Machinery operator authorization
based on face recognition

Faint Detection

Ability to detect fainting and other
unusual situation in factories


Personal Protective Equipment compliance detection

Possible scenarios

See our product video showing possible use cases and scenarios in the real industrial environment.

Ability to recognize dangerous situations

We are using advance models of artificial inteligence able to analyze in real-time the video stream and react to multiple situations which could lead to injuries or fatalities.

Real time recognition

Possibility to customize for different situations, objects, environments or machinery.

Fast reaction

Immediate action triggered when the dangerous situation is recognized.


Built-in camera, computing and electronic module including neural network for real-time video stream analysis and object recognition. Ability to control industrial machines by digital signals or ethernet communication.